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Electric vehicle 
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Minority Owned

LNG Energy

LNG Energy is a minority owned leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging station technology that utilizes its partnerships to deliver a seamless alternative fuel option to drivers across the US.

We can design and engineer your project, provide the best hardware and software for the charging needed, oversee installation and provide maintenance and repair once the chargers are installed. All to fit your budget and timeline.

Our cloud-based software platform provides payment processing, scheduling, maintenance ticketing, and 24/7 tech support. Our dashboard provides real time status of charging stations, acce eports, allows you to adjust pricing, speed of charging and load management-provides a driver app for locating stations, making payments and tracking usage.
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—Residential Charging Stations
—Commercial EV Charging Stations
—Charging Station Accessories
Residential Charging Stations

An Official Us Distributor of Enel X Way Home Ev Charging Stations

Enel X Way’s Juice Box wi-fi enabled home EV charging stations are easily managed from your phone, with options that can deliver a charge up to nine times faster than standard plug charging.
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Make it your own

Private Label

— Mobile apps for Apple and Android Customized with your company logo and color scheme
— Offer your own charging network with low setup cost
— Collect revenue for use of your chargers
— Use any Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) charging station
— Energy management features included
— Software updates included
LNG Electric - Private Label
LNG Electric - Electric Charging Station With Eco Friendly Clean Energy
Commercial Ev Charging Stations

An Official Us Distributor of Enel X Way Commercial Ev Charging Stations

Enel X Way commercial-grade JuiceBox Pro, JuicePedestal and JuicePump charging stations are globally recognized for their ease of use and compatibility with all EV vehicle makes and models.
Charging Station Accessories

An Official Us Distributor of Enel X Way Charging Station Accessories

Electrical outlets, stands, mounts and plugs, Enel X Way supplies everything a home or business needs to get their EV charging station or network up and running.
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Auto Dealership:
Trusted by the most renowned vehicle manufacturers in the world, JuicePump electric car charging stations are capable of charging a vehicle up to 80% in under 20 minutes. Compact and easy to install, the JuicePump is designed for dealers who need to power up their inventory quickly and efficiently.

— Establish Your Expertise in the EV Market
— Benefit from National and State Incentive Programs
— Guarantee Your Electric Vehicles Will Be Charged and Ready at a Moment’s Notice

Retail locations:
Why Install an EV Charging Station at Your retail shop?

— Grab more local customers looking for a quick charge while they shop.
— Grab pass-through traffic looking to stock up while they charge.
— Draw curious new customers who stop at your business for the — charge and stay for the buds.
— Take advantage of tons of FREE money available now to finance EV charging station projects.